Oh yeah! Life!

2014-11-25 21:48:37 by Rad



Nah, probably not.

Nother update

2014-04-24 23:31:35 by Rad

Just felt like making another update, nothing really going on. I'm just studying to take the compTIA A+ exam and moving (hopefully upward) in my career. Get to travel around a little more, all that good stuff.

Oh! It's my birthday!

2013-10-10 20:44:57 by Rad

Right, so now I'm 23. Well this is odd, I don't feel like I'm making much headway in my life, but I'm pretty confident that this year will be a big one for me!

Right. Thanks for all the birthday messages everyone, you guys are the best <3

Edit: Reaxrami is the best.

Oh! It's my birthday!

Newgrounds Friends!

2012-12-10 11:16:32 by Rad

Well this is pretty cool.


2012-09-27 12:52:15 by Rad

What'd you expect?

God it has been forever.

2012-01-31 04:06:10 by Rad

It has.


2009-08-19 21:45:11 by Rad

Starting college on monday...Yeah.

Wow I should of replied to you guys.

Thanks :3

Ideas look better in your head.

2009-03-29 20:18:18 by Rad

Dang, this is really hard. I need to like practice for a few years, then go back in time with my newly gathered experience and sexiness.

So anyway I figured I'd draw something (for lulz) and since I didn't feel like bothering other people for a project with no certain future, I just did myself. And right off the bat mine looks less frame by frame and hand drawn than Luis, DARN YOU, YOU SKILLED MEXICAN.

Also, AS3 is hard as hell to just learn on the intarweb so I started looking at books to help me learn the art of making the guys punch each other.

Anyway Aside from the shoddy animation (I should make the swf file available for you to laugh/vomit at) I'm thinking about animating what I think it would look like pitch the idea so I could get some help/guidance, and you would have something better to look at than words on a screen.


It's easy to sit here and SAY stuff but doing it is a entirely different matter, even then, the idea of a BBS based fighting game arouses me, even though I hate about half of you.

I'd imagine it to be online multiplayer (it kinda defeats the point if the game is based on a public forum and single player)

Players would be able to pick up the weapons of fallen foes (everyone I ask about it says they wish they could pick up better weapons)

Instead of bombs you would just have an energy bar... oh wait, this game is already looking like little fighter 2 with different characters. Dang.

The character select screen should be able to give a sweet profile pic, the talents of said fighter and a small bio on them, since the point of the game is to highlight a small community behind a larger website. Lol, like the staff "character select page."

Wow, I sound obsessed or something. YARRRRRRRRR

Edit : Fixed some sentences, they looked redundant.

Ideas look better in your head.

So, this guy wants to be a Video Game designer right?

2009-03-18 22:38:57 by Rad

Hey guys, it's been too long. Whats up?

Anyway, I suppose I should start rambling or something.

I really want to be a video game designer. I mean really want to be one, so I've always tried doing my best in school assuming I'd go to a great college followed by ??? then Profit! But... well that plan took a bit of a detour.

So yeah, I've been stuck in a state of perpetual anxiety and depression. But I'm going to get into that college, I'm going to improve my art portfolio and goddammit, I'LL BE BACK!

So... on another topic, I've been thinking about this for a while, and like they say at Ringling "Ideas that stay in your head are worthless."

Do you think there should be a fan game of Portal Defender? Like Super BBS Battle or something? I've been here for, how long now? Over 2 years? In a way, you're a part of me. (A horrible dark part but a part nonetheless). I kinda want to see a game based on us nobodies of NG.

Sadly, I lack Art or Programming skills because I never bothered to develop them. (in retrospect, I really should of.) So the idea of me making a game like that seems pretty farfetched, but this is NG. it's almost like a concentrated nugget of talent wrapped in the foil of potential when it comes to a bunch of guys with computers creating stuff.

Eh, I should draw stuff and actually get good at game design before pitching this idea, or something.

Oh also starting from now, I will not delete any blog entries, so comment away.

Edit: Grammar and stuff, also that leg looks weird. I should go eat Dan Paladins brains to gain his power or something.

So, this guy wants to be a Video Game designer right?